Requiem for a Whale

(Documentary film, 15 min, May 2022)

On a stormy night in early 2021, a whale’s body washed ashore at Nitzanim beach in Israel.

Over the documentation of the encounter between people and the carcass, we hear the voices of several witnesses who were present at the rare occurrence.

From the fabric of responses, a collective experience shines, regarding the dialogue between life and death.

Director — Ido Weisman
Cinematographer — Ido Weisman
Editor — Alex Hosid
Producer — Ido Weisman

The film screened at the following festivals:

 Nominee for the David L. Wolper Student Documentary
  Award of the 2022 IDA Documentary Awards
 (December 2022)

 Docaviv international documentary Film Festival –
  Second place and the Cinematography award in the              student competition (Tel-Aviv, May 2022)

 DOC NYC (November 2022)

 Nominee for the student documentary award of the Israeli    Documentary film awards (December 2022)

 Brisbane International Film Festival (November 2022)

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