(Documentary film, 18 min, June 2018)

When he raises his hands a crowd of thousands of dancers start to move in the rhythm of his footsteps.
The folk dances that he composed became canonized
in the Israeli folklore.
Nevertheless, Gadi Bitton, the indisputable leader
of the popular Israeli dance culture, does not
receive the artistic recognition he deserves.
This is a portrait of a king, a son of a Rabbi,
who his followed by crowds of dancers.

Director — Ido Weisman
Cinematographer — Ido Weisman
Editor — Shauly Melamed
Producers — Yael Perlov, Hadar Masasa


The film was screened at the following festivals:
•  Tel-Aviv Student Film Festival (June 2018)
•  Haifa international film festival (October 2018)
•  "KOLNOA" Israeli Film Festival in Prague (October 2019)




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